A NEW educational session has been added to the program for Saturday morning (with an earlier  breakfast start). Ebola is on lots of people's mind - so we added a special Ebola Update meeting. "Ebola and the Medical Practitioner" - Presenter is Elizabeth Crawford, PA-C
No additional cost to attend, but 1 additional CME hour is available to earn.

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Some potential attendees have contacted Salishan and been told that there aren't any rooms. If you are interested in attending and unable to confirm a room at Salishan, please send alan@oregonpa.org an email and let me know. There are several places nearby with availability. Please check www.kayak.com for availability and pricing.

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Speaker Presentations (at least most of them) are Ready to Download
Please Click on the Tab Above for 2014 Presentations or Follow this Link
Note - a Course Syllabus will not be printed for distribution at the Fall CME.
If you want a particular presentation, either print it out or download it to your personal computer and tablet. As additional presentations are made available to us by the presenters - we will be updating the available presentations.

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Have you Registered for the 2014 OSPA FALL CME Registration?
Early Registration Ends on October 9th
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The State of Oregon allows PAC contributions of $50.00 (individual) and $100.00 (jointly-filing couple) to receive a TAX CREDIT of the same amount. It's really like giving FREE money. You give....and You get back!
Note: The credit is limited based on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). The credit is eliminated for married filers with AGI over $200,000, and single filers with AGI over $100,000.
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The 2014 OSPA Fall CME  is Now Approved for a Total of 41 Hours of CME!
Individual PAs can earn as many as 30 hours of CME at this meeting.
This program has been reviewed and is approved for a maximum of 41 hours of AAPA Category 1 CME Credit by the Physician Assistant Review Panel. Physician Assistants should claim only those hours actually spent participating in the CME activity. This program was planned in accordance with AAPA's CME Standards for Live Programs and for Commercial Support of Live Programs.
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“The Biggest and Best of OSPA Fall CME Conferences Awaits You"

Registration is Now Open for the 2014 OSPA Fall CME
"SEA-M-E at the Beach!"

To Register Online - Please Click Here
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To Reserve Your Hotel Room at Salishan Resort - Please call the Resort Directly

Salishan Resort  -  Gleneden Beach, Oregon
Accommodations: To make your hotel reservations, please contact Salishan Resort b
y phone at 800-452-2300 and identify yourself as being part of the Oregon Society of Physician Assistants meeting. Our special OSPA rate is:
$129 (+ tax) per night - Traditional Rooms
$149 (+ tax) per night - Deluxe Rooms
All rooms are assessed a $9.50 per night resort fee.

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Here are a few registration success stories from other OSPA Fall CME attendees....
* Join the OSPA as a 2014 Member and Save $50.00 on your registration fee!
* Ask your Practice Administrator or Supervising Physician to cover your costs (registration and lodging)!
* Consider inviting a colleague to join you at the Fall CME and share the lodging costs and learning experience!
* If you haven't attended a Fall CME in a few years you don't know what you've been missing!
Questions? Please contact the OSPA office at 503-650-5864

For Now - we look forward to having you with us at the 2014 OSPA Fall CME - October 23 - 26, 2014
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Pacific University has some Upcoming CE Opportunities for PAs
Sports Concussion: Therapeutic and Medical Management
| October 3, 2014 | 4 hours CE
The Opioid Puzzle: Best Practices in Healthcare | October 10, 2014 | 6 hours CE |
This is a great opportunity to get 6 hours CE as required by the Oregon Pain Management Commission
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Forbes Magazine Identifies the PA profession as being the Top Best Masters Degree Program for Jobs - Click Here for the Ranking
At the Fall CME, plan to hear Michael Rowe of the AAPA discuss, "Proving Your Worth to Your Practice or the Healthcare System!"
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“Victory for the OSPA in Salem”
It's Official - The Governor Has Signed SB1548, and the law
  took effect on July 1st.

(Here's the link to the Oregon State site to track the progress of the legislation)

(Here's the link to the actual legislation so you can view the changes that were made to existing law)

A monumental piece of legislation which benefits Oregon’s Physician Assistants and the patients we serve was signed into law by Governor John Kitzhaber. Known as SB 1548, this piece of legislation has been termed the PA/NP Technical Fix Bill. While the bill’s description was simple, the process of reaching the final outcome was complex and represented Grassroots Advocacy at its very best….something of pride for every PA in Oregon.

Here’s some history….

You know, and most importantly your patients know, that Physician Assistants are a critical component in the delivery of effective healthcare in Oregon. We ensure that our patients receive the very best of medical care throughout the year. However it has been the experience of many PAs that even though nearly everyone knows that PAs are qualified to perform certain procedures and services that somewhere in time the term “PA” was excluded from legislation and regulations – and PAs were absent from serving patients alongside MDs, DOs, NPs, RNs, and other medical professionals.

In late 2013, the OSPA Governmental Affairs Committee led by Committee Chair Erin Cramer, PA-C, and OSPA Lobbyist Elizabeth Remley took on the challenge of righting the wrongs of decades past and correcting the laws that prevented PAs from performing services and procedures that they were trained to perform on behalf of their patients. The plan was to act quickly during the abbreviated 2014 legislative session to insert PAs into several existing pieces of law and effectively allow you all to do what you do best – “Care for your Patients!”

The OSPA Governmental Affairs Committee reviewed 180 Oregon Statutes and identified 90 feasible sections of the Statutes where PAs were excluded from providing medical care to patients, of which 75 ended up in the final legislation. By utilizing the relationships that have been developed with State Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson, who agreed to champion the legislation, the committee decided that NOW was the time to correct the past and do a major legislative fix to laws on the books and provide PAs with the ability to practice medicine and not have to worry about obstacles that were unintentionally preventing them from providing patient care.

Here a summary of what happened from beginning to successful enactment of the new legislation….

•    75 areas of Oregon State Law were identified as being in need of correction and updating
•    12 OSPA members served on the committee
•    Over 100 hours of volunteer time were invested in reviewing and re-reviewing existing Oregon State Statutes that needed updating
•    More than 350 emails were exchanged among committee members debating and re-debating what needed to be done.
•    ZERO ….. “0” votes in opposition to this legislation were cast by Democrats or Republicans (AKA your patients) as the legislation worked its way through the legislative process.

In summary, SB 1548 is getting signed into law. Now, instead of having to justify why you should be able to perform procedures and services that you were specially trained to do, you can point to the law – and share with your practicing physician – that the NEW law provides freedom for your practice and access to quality medical care for your patients. As you review the new legislation when it appears in the Oregon State Statutes you may identify other areas of State Law which requires changes. Please let us know if something jumps out at you that might be worthy of getting changed or updated. Better yet, make certain you are an OSPA member and then join the Government Affairs or other Committee. There is always room for additional OSPA members who want to get involved in bettering their future and that of their patients.

Who is to thank? The OSPA Governmental Affairs Committee, the legislative process, the OSPA Political Action Committee and those who support the OSPA by being a member! Please share this success story with your Supervising Physician and Practice Administrator – no doubt they will cheer and support our successes!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
2014 Promises to Be a Busy Year in Salem!
Join the OSPA PAC Today.

Your contribution to  the OSPA Political Action Committee will greatly assist PAs in getting their message heard in the Oregon Legislature. Please give $50.00 per person, or whatever you can afford.
Here's the link to the OSPA PAC Donor Page...
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OSPA Area Representatives They are there to assist you....
We want to connect PAs from around the State with those who have similar interests, region coverage and expertise. Check out our Area Representatives page and get connected!
Here's the link to the Area Representative Page
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News and Information

Governor Kitzhaber signs SB 224 - the PA Modernization Act of 2011!
This new statute, which takes effect on January 1, 2012, overhauls and modernizes the way PAs are licensed in Oregon. It essentially allows PAs to get licensed before finding employment and, it allows the practice agreement to be made between the PA and supervising physician and filed with the Oregon Medical Board, rather than having the OMB be in charge of approving or denying specific job duties.

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