OSPA 2012 Fall CME Speaker Presentations

    With a mission of reducing unnecessary waste with printing a full syllabus for the Fall CME, our speakers' presentation are being provided to attendees in advance of the meeting, as well as online during the CME Conference. Your option is to print those pages or presentations that you want, or bring your PDA or computer to the conference where the presentations will be available for download or viewing. As additional presentations are received from our speakers, we will continue to post the presentations to this page.

    PANCE/PANRE Review - GI - Added 10/29/12

    PANCE/PANRE Review - Ortho - Added 10/29/12

    PANCE/PANRE Review - Obstructive and Restrictive Lung Disease - Added 10/29/12

    PANCE/PANRE Review - Valvular Disorders - Added 10/29/12

    Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease - Added 10/29/12

    Anemia - Added 10/29/12

    AAPA - Leading the Profession, Supporting Your Career - Added 11/2/12

    The 5 Minute EBM Clinician - Added 10/29/12

    Evaluating Abdominal Pain in Your Primary Care Office - Added 10/29/12

    Transforming Burnout - Added 10/29/12

    Health Care Reform in the States - What You Need to Know - What You Need to Do - Added 11/6/12

    Evidence-Based Treatment of Fibromyalgia - Added 10/30/12

    Pneumonia - When Is It Typical and When Is It Not? - Added 10/29/12

    CHF Update - Added 10/29/12

    Social Security Disability Processes and Documentation - Added 10/29/12

    Colon Cancer - Added 10/29/12

    Lessons from 35 Years of Neuro-Ophthalmic Practice - Added 10/29/12

    TAVR - (Trans Aortic Valve Replacement) - Added 10/29/12

    Managing Inpatient Fluid/Electrolyte Disorders - Added 10/29/12

    Inpatient Management of the Chronic Pain Patient - Added 10/29/12

    CCOs and Healthcare in Oregon - From a PA's Perspective - Added 10/29/12

    Pain Management and the Morphine Bill - Added 10/29/12

    Practice Ownership Perks and Pitfalls

    Palliative Care

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