2012 Spring CME Attendees - Speaker Presentations

    We will not be printing the speakers' presentation in the meeting syllabus.

    Please click on those presentations that you wish to to download and print in advance of the meeting.

    Realizing that all attendees do not wish to have printed copies of every presentation, and in order to save on paper and provide our CME attendees with the most up-to-date speaker presentation content, we will not be printing and distributing the presentations at the meeting. Instead all of the presentations that are received from our presenters are being posted on this web page for your download and printing convenience.

    Evaluation of TIA and Stroke - Lisa Yanase, MD

    Transitioning Kids from Peds to Adult Care – Jennifer Raymond, MD
    Pre-Op Assessment of Non-Cardiac Surgical Patients - Scott Marsal, MD

    Athletic Nutrition from a Primary Care Standpoint - Jonathan Crist, MD

    The Elephant in the Living Room: Recognizing and Intervening with Alcohol Disorders in Primary Care - Susan Marie, PMHNP

    Update on Coordinated Care Organizations - Tina Edlund
    Branded and Generic Drugs: What's the Difference? and Why Your Patients Should (or Shouldn't) Care? –  Dan Hartung, Pharm.D, MPH

    Caring for Warriors Returning from War; as well as Their Families – Chip Taylor, MD

    Wound Care - Mary Jones, NP

    Dermatologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease - Kim Sanders, PA-C
    Why Be Aggressive with Lipid Therapy - (Large File) - Maureen Mays, MD

    Evaluation of Tremors - Amie Peterson, MD

    Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: A Practical Guide to Evaluation & Treatment - Meg O’Reilly, MD

    Diagnosis of Pulmonary Artery HTN – Akram Khan, MD
    PAH Article
    Radiology for Primary Care - Cristina Fuss, MD

    Re-examining Prostate Cancer in Light of the PSA Controversy - Nina Davis, MD

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