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    Supporting the professional & personal development of PAs.

    Oregon Society of Physician Assistants

    Welcome from the OSPA President -

    Dear OSPA member,

    It is with great pride to introduce myself as your new President of OSPA. I have had the pleasure of serving as your President-Elect for the past 2 years and prior to that served as Director at Large for 2 years. It goes without saying that these have been some of the most prosperous times for OSPA and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to contribute to these recent successes.

    Serving under President Ben Johnson proved to be an immensely valuable experience. His passion and knowledge of the PA profession is unparalleled. I have learned so much from him and look forward to continuing the forward momentum that he has developed, most significantly, the passing of the landmark legislation, PA Modernization.

    Passing legislation to improve the employment landscape for PAs is a critical component of what OSPA does and we fully intend to advance this work despite achieving such a long sought after goal. We are excited to collaborate with the Governmental Affairs Committee and our new lobbyists, Mahonia Public Affairs, on future OSPA accomplishments!

    Personally, I also feel it is imperative that OSPA use its power and status as a Healthcare Organization to try and close Health Equity gaps that exist in medicine. The creation of the Racial Equity Task Force last summer has been a tremendous first step in this endeavor but we hope to expand upon this work in order to ensure that ALL our colleagues feel welcome, supported and represented in PA leadership. I aim to encourage OSPA to evaluate how it can strive to close these equity gaps in all facets of our work. This may include providing resources for our members, adding our logo to legislation, or expanding our purpose in order to fight systemic injustices.

    Thank you for electing me President of OSPA. I intend to work tirelessly to keep the positive momentum of OSPA going and hope to expand upon it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to OSPA if you have any thoughts or concerns. Don’t forget, we are here for you!


    Brian Mills PA-C, President OSPA

    OSPA Mission & Purpose

    OSPA Mission Statement

    The mission of the Society is to promote quality, cost effective, and accessible health care; to support the professional and personal development of physician assistants; and to advance the PA profession as well as the PA/MD team approach to health care.

    Purpose of OSPA

    This society shall be representative of Physician Assistants within the State of Oregon. The Society is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, to improve access of care, and advance the Physician Associate profession. In furtherance of these purposes the Society shall, through appropriate mechanisms, strive to assure the public of a uniform entry level and continued competency of Physician Associates. To represent Physician Associates and Physician Associate students so as to maximize the benefit of their services to the public, the Society shall:

    • Encourage its membership to render quality service to the health professions and to the public;

    • Assist in the development of role definition for the Physician Associate;
      Assist with the coordination and standardization of curricula for the Physician Associate;

    • Participate in the accreditation of Physician Associate programs;

    • Participate in the development of criteria leading to certification of the Physician Associate;

    • Develop, coordinate, and participate in studies having an impact either directly or indirectly on the Physician Associate profession;

    • Serve as a public information center with respect to its members, healthy professions, and the public; and

    • Notwithstanding any other provision of these Bylaws, the Society shall exercise its powers, rights, and privileges, whether conferred by this instrument, or by the laws of the State of Oregon or otherwise, in furtherance of its educational and scientific purposes, and other goals.

    OSPA Bylaws - Click Here

    Oregon Society of Physician Assistants
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