PA Title Change in Oregon

Our 2024 legislative success is PA title change. Following the AAPA HOD decision to change the PA title from Physician Assistant to Physician Associate in 2021, OSPA started the process of legally changing our profession’s title for all Oregon PAs. This is now official with the passage of HB 4010. As of June 6, 2024, Oregon PAs are officially Physician Associates.

Oregon is the first state to officially change our title to Physician Associate. Join us in paving the way for all of our colleagues in enacting this exciting change.

AAPA has a great resource about the title change in Oregon. – PA Title Change Investigation: General FAQs – AAPA

In addition, OMB created information about the PA title change.

This is a change of our official title only. It does not change our scope of practice. OSPA encourages you to work with your practice administration to change business collaterals to reflect this new title. You may need to get a new ID badge, new signage or white coat. Don’t forget to update your practice website as well. You and your practice can do this on the timeline that’s appropriate for your business. We continue to retain the rights to Physician Assistant, so, while it’s outdated, it’s not incorrect or illegal to have a white coat that reads Physician Assistant.

Please feel free to contact OSPA with questions or concerns about how to implement this change at your practice.